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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Northeast: Wal-Mart a No, Harris Hill a Maybe?

A couple of updates on projects on the Northeast side:

The Northeast Huntsville Wal-Mart, which would have been built at the intersection of Shields and US 72, is no longer planned, and the land is back up for sale. To the delight of some, dismay to others, it could be years before Wal-Mart builds a store on the Northeast side.

Harris Hill, which continues to be the most-emailed-about project, still seems to be a go. Not much has happened since part of the land for the massive development was cleared about a year ago. The project appears to still include retail, office space, and a hotel. Construction could begin as early as next summer. Don't yell at me if it doesn't, though.


Anonymous said...

I've only been here (NE out of city limits) for a year, and even in that short time, residential growth is obvious.

The first developer to get big box retail at the area around 72 and Shields is going to make out like a bandit. All the small boxes and sit-down eaterys will do well to.

They don't need to wait for BRAC or recoverey, they need to just see the money.

Anonymous said...

I swear I will shop there everyday and buy at least one thing if this actually happens.

I just moved to this side of town and a few months ago and like it. The only down side is having to drive to Research Park or Jones Valley for any food, shopping, or entertainment of any kind.

I might never move from here if this becomes a reality.