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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Renderings of Twickenham Square

Twickenham Square broke ground on Tuesday, December 4th, ending nearly two years of negotiations between the City, the Housing Authority, and the Nashville-based developers. Construction began about a month ago, and it will continue until at least 2014, when the development is expected to open in phases throughout the year.

At the groundbreaking, new renderings of the project were revealed, showing street-level views of the apartments and retail fronts. Below is an overall map of the site, with locations of each rendering. (Note: The green space next to Publix will remain open space for now, but may eventually be developed. The floodway behind Publix is planned to become a linear extension of Big Spring Park.)

The overall Twickenham Square development. The numbers indicate the corresponding rendering's location; the arrows show the direction of the rendering's view. (click to enlarge) Provided by the City of Huntsville