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Monday, November 23, 2009

Lincoln Mill: New Theater Coming

The Dye House Theater is expected to open next month as part of the Lincoln Mill renovation in Northeast Huntsville. The 246-seat multipurpose theater will actually be in the former dye house next to the main mill (hence the name; see image below). Along with the theater, the building will also include the Straight to Ale microbrewery (opening early next year), 15,000 square feet of event space, a restaurant (with a greenhouse to grow produce), and a museum highlighting the mill's rich history.


Anonymous said...

This sounds really neat. This is a lot more progressive sounding than the big box development that former mayors steamrolled through. It's about time Huntsville thought about spurring redevelopment in disinvested areas rather than sprawling further and further out into the country.

Anonymous said...

Seriously??? I would love to know exactly where! In the old mill building, the old theater or Lincoln Elementary School? Is that why the Torch Bearing School is being closed? I suppose this comment won't be approved by the "blog author" !

James said...

Why would I delete your comment? It's not irrelevant... though your question would be answered if you read the post.

Anonymous said...

I was just walking by there last week (partly to go look after reading this story) and the buildings referenced look nowhere near ready for occupancy. Basically, it still looks like a shell that needs a TON of work.

I really doubt this happens in the next month....or 6 months.