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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Brewpub Overlay Zone

A map showing the proposed brewpub overlay zone. The different colors indicate the various existing zones (Residential, Commercial, etc.) Map courtesy of City of Huntsville, GIS Division. 

Next month, Huntsville’s Planning Commission will hold a public hearing regarding an overlay zone for commercial areas that brewpubs will be allowed to operate in. (I have provided a map of the zone above.) Until 2011, state law forced brewpubs to operate only in buildings that had been historically designated; the law was changed that year to allow them in historic districts as well as “any economically distressed area” as designated by the City. The latter is the reason why the overlay zone was necessary-- while it would be great to have brewpubs in, say, Providence or Hampton Cove, it would be tough to justify classifying these areas as “economically distressed.”

Areas included in the brewpub overlay include: 
  • Downtown
  • North Parkway to Mastin Lake
  • South Parkway to Airport (including John Hunt Park)
  • West Clinton (sometimes referred to as "Downtown West")
  • Pratt/University from Washington to Jordan
  • Jordan from University to Oakwood Ave.
A copy of the full proposed ordinance can be found at http://www.huntsvilleal.gov/Planning/Proposed_Amendments_Ordinance_Brewpubs.pdf

A high-resolution version of the map above can be found here: http://www.huntsvilleal.gov/Planning/brew_pub_areas_map.pdf