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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The John Hunt Park Master Plan

John Hunt Park, with the approximate Master Plan area (indicated by the blue boundary). Note the remnants of the runways of the old airport that closed in 1967.  Google Earth
If you looked at a list of all of the facilities currently present at John Hunt Park, you would think that it's a great recreational space. There are tennis courts, soccer fields, a playground, a golf course, the Iceplex... But  in between these features there are shipping containers, fields of dirt and gravel, and vast stretches of pavement-- remnants of runways from an airport that occupied the site until the 1960s. These eyesores isolate the park's facilities from one another-- a park should connect its features, not separate them.

Enter the John Hunt Park Master Plan. Its goal is to tie in all of the great facilities that already exist and make the 387-acre John Hunt into the city's "Central Park," as Mayor Battle calls it.