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Monday, November 30, 2009

Confirmed: Earth Fare to open Huntsville store

Seems like the rumors were right. Earth Fare, the North Carolina-based organic grocery chain I first told you about over a year ago, will be opening a Huntsville store in the former Circuit City shopping center across from Madison Square. An opening date will be announced later.

Earth Fare has 17 stores in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee, including a Chattanooga store that opens next Wednesday. The Huntsville store, along with a coming Auburn store, are the first entries into Alabama for the chain.


Anonymous said...

Is this a complete grocery store, Whole Foods style, or a smaller boutique like store, like Trader Joe's or Fresh Market?

Also, I'm not sure about that location. Seems like they would have been better off in Jones Valley or Bridge St or Madison. That part of University isn't exactly upscale.

Anonymous said...

Lol, real nice. Its not "upscale". The location is right across from the mall, and right by two Universities as well as apartments and dorms. It is a great location for access to the public, which is what matters, not catering to your manufactured "upscale" image like Bridge St and Providence.

James said...

@Anonymouses (sp?): The only problem I see with this location is access issues with the shopping center itself. It's a beast to get in and out of there. I don't think there'll be any problem with the area not being "upscale" enough for the gated-community, Yukon-driving crowd. The two universities and close proximity to Research Park make this area probably the youngest section of Huntsville.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2: Have you been in the mall lately? Madison Sq quit being a shopping destination several years ago. Half the place is vacant now. Neighbors around the old Circuit City include Burlington Coat Factory, Walmart, and tons of closed strip malls. The whole strip mall with Burlington Coat Factory is practically vacant and has been for some time. And that Walmart has one of the least favorable reputations for all Walmarts in the city.

Then again, maybe this will be the beginning of a rebirth in this area.

Anonymous said...

Finally a grocery store in the area...I live in the Lowe Mill neighborhood and there is nothing besides Kroger! Who cares about Jones Valley or Bridge Street!! "Normal" people need decent food to eat too...organic and natural is not only for rich yuppies!

Bestdeception said...

The Auburn store was supposed to open over a year ago. It was opening in a vacant Food World building. I don't believe they will open anytime soon, if at all.

Anonymous said...

Best Buy, Office Depot, plenty of restaurants, banks, hotels, plus all the businesses in Research Park are all nearby so I'm not sure where all these "tons of closed strip malls" are. Yes, there are some vacant stores nearby but that is a very good location that will do well. Aldi's would be smart to locate here now before the market becomes saturated with grocery stores.