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Friday, June 13, 2008

Chase Creek Town Center

This is a conceptual site plan for Chase Creek Town Center, a proposed shopping center located at US 72 and Shields Road. This picture shows a "big-box" store, a grocery store, and about 40,000 sq. ft of small shops along with a bank in an outparcel. The "big-box" store shown has been all but confirmed to be a Wal-Mart Supercenter. The small shops will be filled mostly by stores that "follow" Wal-Mart, such as Hibbetts Sporting Goods, GameStop, Dollar Tree, etc. Whether the grocery store is built is up in the air, since both Kroger and Publix have stores nearby. Another mid-size tenant, such as a Goody's or a Big Lots, might take its place in the final product. Like most of the plans I post on here, this is only conceptual, and are used just to give potential tenants an idea of what's planned.

*UPDATE (3/09): The contract the land was under to develop the Wal-Mart was dropped in late 2008, so a new Wal-Mart for Northeast is on hold, at least for a couple of years.


Anonymous said...

How would it be a Walmart Supercenter if the grocery store is not built? Also, with the proposed Target complex a mile west at 565 and Moores Mill why would Walmart not open a grocery store? I will believe this when I see it. Traffic will only get worse on 72.

James V. said...

The proposed grocery store would be separate from the Wal-Mart, as shown on the plans.

Anonymous said...

Will the proposed overpass at 72 and Shields Road be taken into consideration with this development? Not sure if you can answer that or not but I would think that would have a large impact on the layout of this development.

James V. said...

I'm sure the interchange will be included in the final layout of the shopping center, but as far as I know ALDOT hasn't decided on a final plan for the overpasses. So right now it's impossible to tell where it's going to go.