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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kroger coming to "Watercress Green"

Kroger is now confirmed as the anchor for the "grocery-anchored shopping center" portion of "Watercress Green." (Don't ask why they added "Green" to the name. Maybe they're trying to sound environmentally-friendly; maybe it's because its being built on an old golf course.) As many of you know, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based grocery chain was rumored to build a store on the site for a couple of years, and the speculation was put further after a blurry Kroger logo appeared on the city's development map. About 25,000 square feet of small-shop retail space will be built adjacent to the grocery store, according to site plans. Other lots have been allotted for future office and restaurant space, even a possible hotel. A 324-unit apartment complex is currently under construction behind the proposed shopping center.

This will be the eighth Kroger in the region, but their first new store in a decade. Kroger likes to build several stores at once in a region. Could this be a resurgence of the chain in the Huntsville area? Kroger has done well nationally during the recession, but in this area has lost market share to Publix and Walmart. We'll just have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

I've heard discussion from my brother, who works at one of the local Kroger stores, that there will be a store at Jeff Rd/Hwy 53 that is much larger than any of the existing Huntsville-area Kroger stores. Think super-supermarket.

James said...

You must be talking about the Kroger Marketplace format that the company has been rolling out recently. You could call it a Super Kroger; many of them include a Starbucks, Donatos, a jewelry store, and a bank.

Anonymous said...

If Kroger would make its local stores more like those in the Atlanta area (my only Kroger experience outside of HSV/Madison) then they would seriously challenge Publix. Those stores are well stocked, clean, and have employees with a helpful attitude, instead of the surly attitude you get at Kroger in Madison.

David said...

Oh good. 72 and Slaughter is already a disaster during the afternoon. All Huntsville cares about is more money.

Anonymous said...

Any idea who the general contractor for this project is?