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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Todd Towers to be razed, redeveloped

An interesting little blurb in the Times this morning-- the Huntsville Housing Authority plans to continue the redevelopment of its properties using federal stimulus grant money. At the top of the list is the demolition of Todd Towers, the 6-story 100-unit senior housing complex at the corner of Monroe and Green Streets. Two buildings will be built in its place-- one, a 5-story, 90 unit senior housing complex, and the other, a 40-unit loft apartment building. The latter is being developed in a partnership with Thornton Properties-- it should be noted that they are also the developers of the 301 East Holmes high-end condo project, which would be adjacent to the loft apartments. The buildings are being designed by Bill Peters Architects of Huntsville.

The HHA is also applying for a grant to raze the remainder of the Searcy Homes projects along Holmes and Monroe and replace them with a mixed-use residential/retail development. This project is being designed by Joe Fuqua (I assume of Fuqua and Partners Architects).

Other HHA projects applying for grant money include the reconstruction of Sparkman Homes on Holmes (don't see how rebuilding the apartments is going to help the neighborhood) and the previously-announced Gateway Place senior housing in Councill Courts.

For more info:
HHA press release

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Anonymous said...

I really hope they do something soon about Sparkman homes, aka Mason Court. I remember not too long ago the police refused to come there except for shootings and they would get attacked just for being there. I'm glad we've somewhat gotten control of our town enough to where we can police our own taxpayer funded homes. They should kick the criminals out and use it for the people who truly need it and don't just ask for a handout and free housing so they can run a drug business and drive nicer cars than I have in my garage. It makes me sick to see that.