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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Holmes/Greene Garage back on table

A new parking garage at the corner of Holmes and Greene downtown is back from the dead. According to the Times, The City Council tonight will authorize an application for a $1.2 million federal transportation grant to pay for the 5-story, 450 space garage, which will be built on top of an existing public surface lot. The new design for the garage is slightly different compared to the design released at a public meeting early last year-- it is now 5 stories instead of the original 6 to comply with the impending height limit buffer zones.

What makes this garage interesting is the planned residential and retail components. The city has partnered with developer Randy Schrimsher to build a 5-story apartment building next to the garage along Lincoln. The original plans called for 52 units, but the number will probably be less this time around. There will also be ground-floor retail space in the garage-- 10,000 sq. ft will be available for lease. The city has been in talks with several shops and restaurants, even a small grocery store with the earlier plans (the amount of space hasn't changed with the new design, so this is still possible).

For more info:
February 2008 article about this project, including an old rendering


Anonymous said...

Is the lot public property or private property? It seems like the city could get the developer to provide the parking garage in exchange for building the condos...

James said...

This will be on public property. And it will be kind of reverse to what you said... The city will build the exterior of the apartment/condo building, while the developer (Randy Schrimsher) will handle the interior design and construction.

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Anonymous said...

It will be nice for Huntsville to have some downtown living options for those that want to be downtown.

Anonymous said...

I remember times when downtown Huntsville used to be so alive with shops and had the nice hotel and was thriving. Nowadays its full of bars and night clubs, but if we get people living there, I hope that more family-friendly places will come, maybe even a grocery store, although I still love to shop at the Star Market in 5 points. I miss the old Hot Dog joint on the corner down there, the name started with a Z, I can't think of it right off hand, but they were open 24 hours a day and it was just as good at midnight as it was at noon, if not better. Too smokey for me and my family, but the food was good. You've got a really nice website going here, very informative. I looked at your profile, what type of job are you looking for? I might be able to pull some strings for a smart young college student - I have a lot of good buddies at several engineering firms and contractors around town. If you are looking for stability and not so much worried about the money, the government is hiring a lot of people right now on the arsenal, the jobs aren't as high-paying as private defense contractors, but the security and benefits far outweigh them, and the pay gets better the longer you are in. I am retired air force and retired govt and work for a private firm now even though I don't necessarily have to - With that retirement I've got a guaranteed pension for life in the 70's, its not that much but when you add in the insurance that cannot be beat (I can go to any doctor I want and all prescriptions are completely free - heck, I even have a free membership to the Wellness Center with physical trainers to help me work a good program and keep in good shape) - It felt like a long drag for a long time working civil service, but it was well worth it. I also get veterans status with employers, which even though I'm older, I get a higher preference than a regular civilian with no military experience). It teaches a lot of discipline too which is good for a young man.

Anonymous said...

The hot dog joint in five points was Zesto.