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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Development Review- February 2014

Permits for projects over $100,000 and within Huntsville city limits:

500 Markaview Rd. NW: A building for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. This will be a new VA regional clinic. Contractor: TCI. $14.7 Million

6100 University Dr. NW: Renovations to an existing McDonald’s restaurant. Contractor: Hudson Company of Tennessee. $900,000

Residential Permits (new construction) in Huntsville city limits:

In February, 48 housing units were permitted, all single-family units. The top tract for building permits last month was 112 (Martin-Zierdt), where 16 units were permitted. This is a 62.5% decrease over February 2013, when 128 housing units (80 single-family and 48 multi-family) were permitted.

Residential Certificates of Occupancy (new construction) in Huntsville city limits:

41 housing units were granted certificates of occupancy (CO’s), all single-family units. The top tract for CO’s in the month of February was 109.01 (the Hampton Cove area) where 8 housing units were added. This is a 50.6% decrease over February 2013, when 83 housing units (65 single-family and 18 multi-family) were granted CO’s. 

The annual Huntsville Development Review, covering 2013 construction data, is now available online at http://www.huntsvilleal.gov/Planning/DevelopmentReview.php.

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