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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Development Review: January 2014

Non-residential building permits for projects over $100,000 within Huntsville city limits:

26655 Peoples Rd. SW: A new industrial building for Duracoat. Contractor: Lee Builders. $1.9 Million

4920 University Dr. NW: Construction of a Golden Corral restaurant. Contractor: Fite Building. $1.75 Million

8628 US 72 West: Construction of a Chili’s restaurant. Contractor: Valenti Florida Management. $1.15 Million

3613 Memorial Parkway SW: A building for Terrame Day Spa. Contractor: Lee Builders. $650,000

4922 University Dr. NW: Construction of a Cellco/Verizon Wireless store. Contractor: Fite Building. $607,000

213 Winchester Rd. NE: A church for Keilah Primitive Baptist. Contractor: Dunlap Contracting. $550,000

2001 Max Luther Dr. NW: A building for McCurry Investments. Contractor: Steve Simmons Company. $176,000

Residential Permits (new construction) in Huntsville city limits:

In January, 117 housing units were permitted, including 61 single- and 56 multi-family units. The top tract for building permits last month was 106.22 (Providence area), where 53 units were permitted, mostly multi-family. This is a 50% increase over January 2013, when 78 housing units (74 single-family and 4 multi-family) were permitted.

Residential Certificates of Occupancy (new construction) in Huntsville city limits:

78 housing units were granted certificates of occupancy (CO’s), including 77 single- and one multi-family unit. The top tract for CO’s in the month of January was 112 (the Martin-Zierdt area) where 23 housing units were added, all single-family. This is a 40.9% decrease over January 2013, when 132 housing units (86 single-family and 46 multi-family) were granted CO’s. 

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