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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Shoppes of Madison Tenants (Official and Rumored)

GBT has a new lease flyer out for Madison's new Target shopping center, with some of the smaller tenants that will join the big-box retailer shown. Ladies and gentlemen, if you were expecting something huge out of this project (and for that $7.5M price tag, you should), prepare to be disappointed.

I think most of the retailers and restaurants are familiar to you guys, with a few exceptions. Kinnucan's is a clothing store with locations in Auburn and Tuscaloosa. Which Wich is a sandwich shop whose closest locations are up in Nashville. Pie in the Sky Pizza is a small Nashville-based restaurant whose Madison location would be their first outside of Middle Tennessee. Zen Berry sounds like a frozen yogurt shop, and it is-- in British Columbia. Somehow I really doubt their first US location will be in Madison, so it may be something else. (UPDATE: Zen Beri is a frozen yogurt shop in Decatur, something I wouldn't have found if it weren't for one of the comments below.)

Update (12/2011): A previous version of this post discussed the possibility of HomeGoods being the junior anchor. With the announcement of Ross, there is no space left for HomeGoods at this shopping center. 

Below is a combined list of rumored and confirmed tenants:

Retail (smaller shops not included):
Dollar Tree
Massage Envy
Rack Room Shoes

Which Wich**
Zen Beri
Fulin's Asian Cuisine
Pie in the Sky Pizza**
Panera Bread
Moe's Southwest Grill?
Buenavista Mexican Restaurant

* New to Region 
** New to State
? Rumored/Unconfirmed


Anonymous said...

Somewhere there is a machine that xerox
these shopping centers
It's all about quick profit and get out
Mattress stores must be a billion dollar

Nicole said...

Moe's is a nice add to this side of town (although Chipotle spanks Moe's) as is a Cracker Barrel. But overall... *yawn* Like we need one more Rack Room or Rue 21.

Stephen said...

The thing that most stood out to me in this is all the residential development shown on page 5 of the lease flyer. I am afraid to think what the traffic will be like once it is all finished.

Anonymous said...

Love Home Goods!! I even wrote to them a couple of years ago telling them how great Huntsville is. They had no plans at the time to build here but the person who responded said she would pass it along to the right people.

Ploner said...

There's a Zen Beri in Decatur... IMHO, better than (gasp) Orange Tree...

Nicole said...

I don't know if I completely trust that brochure, Stephen. It shows two PetSmarts that don't exist.

Anonymous said...

According to their website, Kinnucan's has eight stores with four of them in Alabama.

I didn't expect to see any "new to the area" restaurants in the out parcels since those will probably go closer toward Huntsville. OTOH, I wish Texas Roadhouse had chosen here instead the new Kroger at 72 and Jeff.

Anonymous said...

That's a mighty big Burger King. It's half the size of Target!

Anonymous said...

We do not need another mattress store anywhere in this area. We have a Jersey Mike's down the road. We have a Maurice's next to TJ Maxx. Are they moving? Dollar Tree?! We have one on Madison Blvd and one on 72 by Target. Why do we need another one? I wish they would get something new not just the same old things.

Jacob said...

Anyone know if it's going to be a regular Target like in Decatur, or a SuperTarget with grocery?

James said...

@Jacob: The Madison Target will be similar to the Decatur store (regular Target with groceries).

Anonymous said...

I will be so very disappointed if the unverified site plan is accurate. Cracker Barrel? A dollar store? Another mattress store? (etc., etc., etc.) I think these types of shops are a better fit for the Walmart complex.

How about a Chipotle? A Panera? A La Madeleine? Or (gasp) a Cheesecake Factory? On a side note, I would be thrilled if a Texas Roadhouse came to the area, as mentioned by a previous poster. Can anyone else confirm or deny?

Jamie Gilliam said...

Any idea what happened to the rumored Sports Authority at this locale???

Kim in the Cove said...

I would add that Kinnucan's is more of an outdoors/sporting good store than clothes per se although they sell both. It's cool - a niche - nothing else quite like it up here in Madison county so I suspect it will do well as it has in its other locations.

Thanks for the update!

Aaron said...

We don't need a another Cracker Barrel. What about a Western Sizzler or a Ryan's? Madison needs a buffet steakhouse since Quincy's closed years ago.

Anonymous said...

They are going to put a Olive Garden @ the Target in Madison.Inside info

Anonymous said...

A manager at the Florence Texas Roadhouse said one is going in at 72 and Jeff and will open in June 2012.

Jamie Gilliam. The rumor was an Academy Sports. If I had to bet, I'd bet on it being in the new Walmart shopping center. There are supposed to be two other "large anchor" stores in the development.

Anonymous said...

The partial list of tennants released a few weeks ago pretty much matches this site diagram. Hopefully the Home Goods gets announced soon.

As mentioned earlier in the comments, Texas Roadhouse has posted the following on careerbuilder.com:

"Texas Roadhouse is looking for Restaurant Managers in Huntsville, AL for a new store opening!"


Anonymous said...

A girl who works at TJ Maxx told us there will be one in the new shopping center. Seems reliable to me. Thoughts? I know the post says it's not but this info was just 2 days ago. I so so so hope its true! That, Moe's, Panera and Massage Envy will make me a pretty happy girl! : )

James said...

There will not be a TJMaxx at this shopping center. There is simply no more room. Besides, they opened a store a mile away just a few years ago-- it would be a waste to move it so soon.

Anonymous said...

I wrote that incorrectly. The girl worked at TJ Maxx but said there would be a Home Goods. Apologies for the confusion. There still may be no room but I'm gonna hold out hope anyway :)