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Friday, January 21, 2011

Target all but Confirmed for Madison

Madison Mayor Paul Finley, in his State of the City address, made two major economic development announcements. The first announcement: Insanity Skatepark will become a major entertainment complex and civic center for the city, with event space, rock climbing walls, go-carts, and, best of all in my opinion, laser tag.

The next big announcement, the Shoppes of Madison, is probably the worst-kept retail secret I have seen since I started this blog three years ago. While the mayor didn't mention the "major anchor" by name, he did note that the "Target" date for opening is Summer 2012, while showing these renderings on a big screen:

The mayor noted that "apparel stores, shoe stores, and home decor stores" will locate in the center, along with some "sit-down restaurants." So, in conclusion, this will be your average shopping center. I just wonder how much in incentives the city of Madison will give to have Target build in their city (they've been pretty vague about it), and how the residents of the large subdivision behind this development will feel about a major project in their backyard.

I am surprised that nothing was mentioned about the Zierdt/565 development. It seems to be coming back from the dead, with Madison pushing for a new connector/interchange between Zierdt and Wall-Triana. Also, the Daniel Corporation and Breland Companies, the two developers involved in the project, were the major sponsors for the state of the city address. It's definitely something to watch for in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Looks like this will not be a super target, it only has one entrance in the space that looks to be a target. Any word on whether it is just going to be a basic target with no groceries?

Anonymous said...

Did the Mayor say anything about a time frame in which the "entertainment complex" at Insanity will open?

I remember being in high school, when this thing was built and getting pumped about having a thing like this in town.
I move tomorrow and will not be able to enjoy but plan on visiting home (Madison) on the regular.

Finally, this thing has a heartbeat.

The city can gain unheard of revenue if they do this right, I believe. Think about how packed that place would be on a Friday night after a football game? I remember Finley talking about somehow connecting old downtown Madison, the stadium, insanity and the Y during his run for Mayor.
They can use the "civic center" for pep rallies before and after football games, with 10,000+ at the game...there's no reason there won't be a few thousand people at Insanity. Bring in a couple of vendors and there you have a rocking downtown and the feeling of an actual city, not just a big neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Are there any renderings of the skate center, civic center, laser tag places online? They are probably old, if there are any available.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a Target no groceries. It should be ready summer of 2012. It's of course a good thing for Madison, but for some of us on the property line it's pretty sad. They say they will put up a 6ft fence for us. What about the smell, the trash the sounds, the safety, you could tip toe and see over the fence. I could handle it better if they would put up a larger fence and a buffer.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath for the skate park. The owner stopped 5 years ago for no reason and is not going to finish it.

Anonymous said...

The city of Mad is giving Target the land. Costing taxpayers $7,000,000+. As a Madison resident I certainly would rather use this money for better roads.

David said...

I don't get it. The city of Madison is giving away a $7 million incentive in return for $400K per year in additional revenue. There won't be much left after the city's loan payments.

Putting that traffic signal so close to the W-T intersection is going to be a huge traffic problem. Weekend afternoons are horrible along 72 as it is.