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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kroger opens 72/Jeff Store, Plans Three More

At last week's ribbon cutting for the new Kroger store at US 72 West and Jeff Road, Kroger said that their future expansion plans for Huntsville included three new stores in the expanded format, which is up to 100,000 square feet and contains a Starbucks, cheese shop and sushi bar.

If I were scouting sites for Kroger, this is where I would put the new stores (just my opinion, nothing official):

Martin and Zierdt-- Some of you will remember that this location was going to get a "grocery-anchored shopping center" a couple of years ago, but plans fell apart and the site is back up for sale. Despite the slowdown of growth in this area, it remains a viable site for a grocery store, and with Publix about three miles away (a little too close), Kroger is the best choice for the area.

Hampton Cove-- This area has both Walmart and Publix, but the nearest Kroger is 20 minutes away on South Parkway. An ideal location would be at 431 and Caldwell, closer to residents in the Dug Hill area but still in close proximity to the rest of the Hampton Cove area.

72 West and County Line Road-- Publix opened a mile south of this intersection a couple of years ago. With Walmart and Target planning stores near here in the next couple of years, it would seem logical that Kroger would jump in the mix as well. A store at this intersection would be more convenient for residents of East Limestone and Capshaw than the rival stores, which are/will be further south and east.


Anonymous said...

We would LOVE to see a Kroger on Zierdt/Martin. The only thing better would be a Target.

Anonymous said...

That's good to here. I do disagree with the notion that the town of Madison needs 3 stores of this type. I would think the need would be for north, east and possible central Huntsville would be better choices. Since the population based for the area are in these locations. Northeast Huntsville and Madison County have been denied much in the way of retail development for many years now. Just my opinion.

James said...

^None of the locations I mentioned would be in the city of Madison. Kroger already has locations in north and east Huntsville.

Anonymous said...

The new Kroger is taking the 72/Jeff/Slaughter intersection from bad to worse. 72 will soon become un-drivable around there. Is there no road planning in Madison?

Anonymous said...

Very little land north of US72W is in the city of Madison. I believe the area from Publix to the old Bruno's is it with the rest in Huntsville. Also, I believe the intersection of County Line and US72 is entirely in the city of Huntsville.

Anonymous said...

The customers for these future stores will live in what areas? Last time I checked, there are not many Huntsville residents are in the 72 corridor from Jeff out. Of course I could be wrong. Most of the residents in this area are in Madison, Monrovia, or Harvest\Toney. So these possible stores will primarily support these residents not Huntsvillians. I know, I know, the folks out there have to have a place to purchase groceries. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t there already a Kroger, Publix, Southern Market, and planned Super Wal-Mart and Target? I will say Zierdt/Martin location would a little more sense because of a larger Hsv population. It still does not change the facts that placing all of the possible future stores surrounding Madison and in south Huntsville is not serving the high population areas of the city of Huntsville. Besides, Publix already performed that tactic, placing their first five stores in south Huntsville and Madison before moving into western and northern Madison County. I, apparently for one, would like to see some positive developments be distributed throughout the city instead of being concentrated in only certain areas. No offense James, but I thought this point of view needed to be stated. I still enjoy reading your blog and am amazed at the information you are able to obtain before the usual news resources in town. Keep up the great work.