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Friday, October 3, 2008

Madison Commons: The Martin/Zierdt Development

Earlier today, I was out on Zierdt Road checking out a proposed "grocery-anchored shopping center" that I've gotten a couple of emails about. Recently, the site has been prepared for the development, but work has stopped recently. This is probably because the project is awaiting city approval, along with a building permit, which could take weeks. But I found some new info about the development this afternoon that should keep you occupied until construction begins...

First off, the development is called Madison Commons. If you live in the area, you probably know by now that it is being developed by Michael Collard Properties, an Orlando-area developer who, according to their website, has developed many grocery-anchored and pharmacy projects throughout Florida. Most of their grocery-anchored developments include a Publix, but with one only 3 miles away, whether or not they will build one here is up in the air-- a Kroger or some new chain isn't out of the question.

Madison Commons will be a 110,000 sq. ft. shopping center with a 45,000 sq. ft. grocery store, a 30,000 sq. ft. junior anchor (clothing store?), and about 36,000 sq. ft of smaller shops and restaurants. There are also six outparcels for banks, fast-food, etc; one of them (at the corner of Martin and Zierdt) will be a CVS/Pharmacy.

There are also plans for 300 apartments and 450 other residential units next to Madison Commons, along with a possible city park. Those are in addition to the 6700 residences proposed or under construction within a 5-mile radius of the development. This turns out to be an estimated 15-20,000 people moving to this side of town; there is no doubt this shopping center will have a demand.


Jamie said...

I just moved here a few months ago- into Nature's Pointe Reserve and like other new people moving to Alabama I would love to see down the street:

Restaurant/ food centers/ Shopping options for this location I would love to see in Huntsville/Masidon are:

Bahama Breeze, Cheesecake Factory

Fast Food: Scotto's Pizza or Peace -A-Pizza

Trader Joe's, Whole Foods Natural & Organic

A.C. Moore Crafts (or a 2nd) Hobby Lobby


Maybe a closer Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma

Everyone would love the places that I have mentioned above and many of them are not around here! Hope my comment helps!

Jamie said...

Sorry I meant Madison !! I was to excited!

Anonymous said...

I think the best we can hope for is a Panera Bread.

Stephanie said...

I think Trader Joe's would be a great addition! Huntsville really needs a Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.

Anonymous said...

I doubt anything that high-end would want to locate out there, but if they did, awesome! Really, as a resident of this area... I think the ideal things would be:

- (of course) a grocery store of ANY type
- some place to get coffee, a Dunkin Donuts, perhaps?
- a sandwich shop, maybe a Quizno's?
- a movie rental store
- a pizza shop
- some kind of fast food, like an Arby's maybe?
- a clothing &/or accessory store(s)
- and like a basic "pub" type place

Anyway, something to think about...

Jamie said...

Dunkin Donuts - would be GREAT !!!!

Another Atlanta Bread or Panera Bread would be great as well!

It would be nice to have a nice dry cleaners down the street too!
That's all for now- maybe I will add more ideas later!

uablueeyes1980 said...

I would like a Cheesecake Factory, Home Goods, Dave and Buster's, and some type of outlet mall place somewhere around the area. The one in Boaz has been fading for years and it would be nice to have one nearby. I moved to the Huntsville area in May 08 and my neighborhood is just up from this proposed project.

Anonymous said...

Are there any updates on this project? Construction stopped last year and no activity has been seen since then. Is this project still alive?