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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another hotel for Research Park?

A local developer is planning to build a hotel off of Governors West in Research Park, according to the city's Zoning Board agenda for this month. Expect this hotel to be more business-oriented than your average highway-exit Comfort Inn (aloft maybe?). No word on when construction will begin.

This would only be the second hotel within the boundaries of Research Park-- the other, of course, is the Westin Huntsville at Bridge Street. Speaking of Bridge Street, one of their expansion plans is to build a five-star hotel, sometime in the future.


Anonymous said...

Do you know who the developer is going to be?

James said...

^The person who submitted the request to put a hotel in Research Park (and the owner of the land) is a James Packard of Huntsville. He is developing this under a company called "Attitude, LLC".

Lee K. Seitz said...

I've been watching them push dirt around that site lately and wondered what was up. Thanks for answering my unvoiced question.