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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Housing Authority shifts to Lowe Mill

Two proposed redevelopments of downtown public housing projects were put on hold by the Huntsville Housing Authority due to a missed federal grant deadline, according to the Times. However, the HHA has shifted its focus to a project in Lowe Mill called Brookside. They have until November 17th to apply for a redevelopment grant. HHA has signed on Big Spring Partners and Aslan, a development company out of Louisville, to help with the grant application. For those unfamiliar with the area, here's an aerial image of Brookside (outlined in white) and the surrounding area:

The missed grant deadlines did not delay the controversial Councill Court redevelopment, which is currently underway.


Anonymous said...

Good news! The entrance to the Flying Monkey always takes you close past the projects. Jazz up the looks, and Lowe Mill benefits.

Anonymous said...

That's not good. not good at all. Lowe Mill is already benefiting. It's already gone from alternative underground with the Flying Monkey Arts Center to above-ground with the Lowe Mill stuff aroudn it.

this happens againa and again ins city after city. The creative class risks going through and living in a rougher part of town, makes it more interesting and the new "cool" place to go and the upper crusts wants to kick out the pople who already live there? Let's not let Huntsville make the same mistake and instead work with people who need help instead of shuffling them off where some people dont' want to see them because it makes them "feel uncomforatble".

Anonymous said...

Lowe Mill and the Flying Monkey will NOT benefit from gentrification. It will always a bad idea, and it will only narrow the credibility of the "community" housed within it.

This and similarly planned projects are disgusting. We should be ashamed of ourselves as a community that these things are happening. Shuffling the poor around to make the I-565 entrance more cosmetically appealing (read: WHITER) does nothing to address the problem--that our city is segregated and little resources are committed to the less-white areas of town.