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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Peaks planning resurrection?

The Peaks at Southchase, a massive and somewhat controversial development at the intersection of Zierdt Road and I-565, is apparently moving along after almost a year of hearing nothing about the project. Plans still call for the 263-acre development to feature a "regional" lifestyle center along with offices and "possible" residential space. And even though there were rumors earlier this year that DeBartolo Development, one of the companies behind the project, was backing out, the plans are still on their website, though they are terribly out of date. The new planned groundbreaking date is July of next year.

DeBartolo Development's Project Website for the Peaks


Lee K. Seitz said...

Wasn't the project contingent on getting an exit on I-565 at Zierdt? And isn't the state giving preference to building a new exit at County Line Rd. instead? And if they do manage to cram an exit in there, especially as shown on their conceptual layout, it's going to make the Zierdt/Shelton and Madison Blvd. intersection really nasty, IMO.

James said...

Good points. I guess the developers are still hoping that the interchange (feasible or not) will begin construction next year. Obviously they don't know ALDOT...