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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Meeting set to discuss downtown parking garage/apartment building

Looks like Randy Scrimsher's long-awaited downtown condo (now apartment) building is finally coming to life. A meeting has been set for Monday night at City Hall to discuss plans for his planned apartment building and an adjacent city parking garage. The six-story garage will have 400-500 spaces and 10,000 sq. ft in retail space on the ground floor (the city has talked to a sandwich shop, dry cleaners and a small grocery store). Construction will begin by this summer.

Scrimsher's downtown residential development was announced about 5 years ago as a 21-story condo tower with a parking garage. When it seemed like it was dead, the development came up again last year during a height limits debate. I'm not sure how tall the building will be- I've heard anything from 10 stories to 25. But a rendering will probably be shown at the meeting on Monday, and all will be revealed.

Also, there was something else that was interesting in the article: city director for Parking and Public Transit Tommy Brown said that the next possible location for more city parking is at the corner of Green and Eustis, with the potential of development there.

Huntsville Times article: New parking, apartments downtown

UPDATE: It appears that this is a totally different project than the 21 (now 24) story condo project proposed earlier. Even better! Thanks to "HSVTiger" for clarifying that.

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HSVTiger said...

Hey Jman!

Nice blog you got here, your map is excellent.
I wonder if this still is not the 21 story deal. It was to be located further west behind the Heritage Club.
I get the impression it will only be as tall as the garage with maybe some setbacks. Remember the height limit is enforced here I believe.
The other site has long been targeted for a garage and I really thought at one time it was ready to start. It would primarily serve the courthouse but now it may be the Randolph Place project.