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Friday, February 1, 2008

A CVS for Meridianville

Meridianville keeps on growing. A Publix opened there in November, and this month, construction will start on a new CVS Pharmacy at US 231 and Patterson Lane. Expect the area to see more retail in the coming years. One development to watch is Walkers Hill, at US 231 and Steger Road, which will be a large subdivision along with a 150 acre commercial development. No word yet on when that is expected to begin. Meridianville's retail scene seems to be at the point where Northeast Huntsville was a decade ago- a few fast food restaurants, two supermarkets, and other stores have opened in the past few years, following the population boom that keeps moving north. So, with Target coming to Northeast as soon as next year, could we see Target coming to Meridianville ten years from now? Maybe, but it's too early to start speculating on anything that far away.

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