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Friday, January 18, 2008

A new medical district forming on Whitesburg

A sudden boom in medical office space near Crestwood Medical Center in South Huntsville is creating a second medical district along Whitesburg Drive. Five medical office buildings with 200,000 sq ft of space are either planned or under construction near the hospital.
  • Triad Properties, the developer of the Summit office building downtown, is planning to build two office buildings on the former site of the Mayfair Church of Christ. The $18M Mayfair Professional Center will have 105,000 sq ft of space, and construction is expected to begin in April.
  • A development company is nearing completion on a two-story office building on the former site of the Girl Scouts building.
  • SportsMed is constructing a massive expansion of their campus. It is scheduled for completion in late 2009.
  • Walker Family Properties, the developers of Harris Hills in Northeast Huntsville, will finish the Bellwood Office Center in late spring.
Huntsville Times article: A second almost instant medical district

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