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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bruegger's closes downtown; Ovation in jeopardy

According to the Huntsville Times, the Bruegger's bagel/sandwich shop at downtown's Big Spring Summit office building closed this weekend due to poor traffic. This will make it harder for Triad Properties, the Huntsville-based developer of the Summit, to meet a 3,000 sq. ft restaurant requirement in order to build the next phase of the project- Ovation, an 8-story condo tower planned adjacent to the Summit. The city council imposed the requirement a year ago to make the building more open to the public. Triad has until February 8th to meet that requirement, or the development option for Ovation is terminated.

My two cents: If Triad had really cared about building Ovation, an adequate restaurant would have been signed by now. Ovation was flawed from the beginning with poor design and advertisement. And for the argument that these projects are encroaching on the park- personally, I would rather have a well-designed condo building there than some overgrown bushes and a 2-level parking garage, which is what will be demolished if something is built there someday.

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