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Friday, December 7, 2007

Lincoln Mill Update

Yesterday, I posted a small "hint" in the Huntsville Times about a possible renovation of Lincoln Mill in Northeast Huntsville. Well, today it was announced. Could we see a possible rendering in tomorrow's paper?

The Lincoln Mill building in Northeast Huntsville will be renovated into shops, restaurants, offices, and up to 60 condos selling for $150 to $200 sq ft. Local doctor James Byrne purchased the Lincoln Mill building, and plans to spend $20 million renovating the two remaining buildings. The larger building will be converted to offices/retail on the first floor, while the 2nd and 3rd floors will become condos. The smaller building will have restaurants, retail and possibly an "independent movie theater."

Huntsville Times article

UPDATE of the update: The architect's website, http://www.mathenygoldmon.com/, shows a rendering of a "mixed use development along a major access corridor to downtown Huntsville." This is most likely the Lincoln Mill project; if not, we might have another project coming soon...

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