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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New A&M Bus Terminal

I am a big fan of public transit. Bad thing is, Huntsville's transit system is one of the most underused in the nation. Only 1500-1800 riders use it daily. Why? Because it doesn't serve commuters and there is little night and weekend service. Don't blame the city- they're doing the best they can with the funding they get. But that's another story.

The other bus system in the city- Alabama A&M University's "Bulldog Transit System," obviously got something right- their ridership numbers (2500-3000 daily) are more on average with cities of Huntsville's size. A city planning subcommittee reviewed plans today for A&M's new bus terminal. The new $250,000 terminal, to be located near the Quad of the university, will begin construction early next year and be completed in the summer.

Huntsville Times blog article: City reviews plans for A&M bus terminal

By the way, UAH's bus terminal/parking garage is showing signs of progress. A crane is up at the construction site at the corner of Ben Graves Dr. and Holmes Ave.

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