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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Development Review: June 2015

Commercial Building Permits over $100,000 within Huntsville city limits:

2165 Winchester Rd. NE: Construction of a retail building for Walmart Real Estate. Contractor: James C. Hudson Construction. $10.3 Million

4090 Memorial Pky. SW: Alterations to an office building for Freedom Real Estate. Contractor: Universal Construction. $2.5 Million

845 Slaughter Rd. SW: Construction of a church for Building Church. Contractor: Moon Construction Services. $1.96 Million

7036 US 72 West NW: Construction of a retail building for Crosland Southeast (tire store). Contractor: Lee Builders. $1.47 Million

1030 Old Monrovia Rd. NW: Alterations to a retail building for Veloce Speedway (Indoor Go-Karts). Contractor: Built More LLC. $936,000

2500 Jordan Ln. NW: Alterations to a building for Woody Anderson Ford. Contractor: Consolidated Construction. $685,000

7049 US 72 West NW: Construction of a restaurant for Bojangle’s. Contractor: Com AL Contractors. $586,000

3005 L&N Dr. SW, Units 1 and 2: Alterations to an office space for Amanda Howard Real Estate. Contractor: Huntsville Design and Construction. $402,000

201 James Record Rd. SW, Building 3: Alterations to an office building for LG Electronics. Contractor: Pearce Construction. $350,000

415 Church St. NW: Alterations to an office building for John Wisda. Contractor: TRS Construction. $300,000

325 The Bridge St. NW, Unit 113: Alterations to a retail space for Bayer Properties/Mountain High Outfitters. Contractor: Prier Construction. $282,000

4729 University Dr. NW: Alterations to a restaurant for Hooter’s. Contractor: Venture Construction. $250,000

1806 University Dr. NW: Alterations to an office space for Hunter Communities/Davenport Agents. Contractor: WH Smith Jr. Company. $250,000

2300 Beasley Ave. NW: Interior alterations to a church building for St. Joseph’s Parish. Contractor: Fite Building. $240,000

515 Fountain Row SW, Unit 1100: Finish-out of an office space for Raymond Jones. Contractor: Structure Remodeling. $233,000

6140 University Dr. NW, Unit L12: Alterations to a retail space for It’s Fashion. Contractor: Pearce Construction. $231,000

7300 Whitesburg Dr. SW: Alterations to a modular building for Whitesburg Baptist Church/Whitesburg Christian Academy. Contractor: Woodward Construction and Design. $226,000

2880 15th Ave. SW: Alterations to an industrial building for Bragg and Bragg LLC. Contractor: Consolidated Construction Company. $180,000

30694 US 72 West NW, Unit B: Finish-out of a retail space for Nuway Properties. Contractor: Summit Structures. $131,000

515 Sparkman Dr. NW: Installation of solar panels for Project XYZ Inc. Contractor: Southern Solar Systems. $118,000

Residential Permits (new construction) in Huntsville city limits:
In June, 434 housing units were permitted, 110 single- and 324 multi-family. The top census tract for building permits last month was 31 (Downtown), where 193 units were permitted—all multi-family units for the Avenue development at Holmes and Jefferson. This is a 29.9% increase over June 2014, when 334 housing units (83 single- and 251 multi-family) were permitted.

Residential Certificates of Occupancy (new construction) in Huntsville city limits:
155 housing units were granted certificates of occupancy (CO’s), including 82 single- and 73 multi-family units. The top tract for CO’s in the month of June was 19.02 (Jones Valley) where 43 housing units were added, 3 single- and 40 multi-family. This is a 40.6% decrease over June 2014, when 261 housing units (56 single-family and 205 multi-family) were granted CO’s.

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