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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Development Review: April 2015

Whole Foods Market, under construction at the intersection of Memorial Parkway and Bob Wallace Ave. (Photo credit: James Vandiver)
Note: The 2014 Huntsville Development Review is now available online

Commercial Building Permits over $100,000 within Huntsville city limits:

2501 Memorial Parkway SW: Finish-out of a retail building for Whole Foods Market. Contractor: KMD Construction, LLC. $3.21 Million

130 Vintage Dr. NE: Footing and foundation of an addition to an industrial building for Qualitest Pharmaceuticals. Contractor: Cyma Builders. $600,000

150 Vintage Dr. NE: Construction of an Ekato mixer for Qualitest Pharmaceuticals. Contractor: Joe Still Building. $415,000

1010 Henderson Rd. NW: Repairs to a leasing office for Compassrock Real Estate LLC. Contractor: Watermark Restoration. $242,000

7300 Whitesburg Dr. SW: Alterations to a school for Whitesburg Baptist Church. Contractor: Woodward Construction and Design. $237,000

2612 Leeman Ferry Rd. SW: Addition to a retail store for ABC Beverages. Contractor: RF Vandiver Construction. $209,000

2722 Carl T. Jones Dr. SE Unit D: Alterations to a retail space for DDR, Inc. (Hair salon). Contractor: Regional Builders. $185,000

4908 Moores Mill Rd. NE: Finish-out of an industrial building for Bruderer Machinery. Contractor: Moon Construction Services. $180,000

8416 Memorial Parkway SW: Alterations to a commercial building for Jenny Juceviciute. Contractor: Atrium Industries. $175,000

4905 Research Dr. NW: Installation of solar panels for Avion Solutions. Contractor: Southern Solar Systems. $173,000

15050 Alabama Hwy. 20 NW: Repairs to a restaurant for 306 BBQ. Contractor: Carbine Construction. $120,000 

Residential Permits (new construction) in Huntsville city limits:

In April, 139 housing units were permitted, including 77 single- and 62 multi-family units. The top tract for building permits last month was 212 (Greenbrier), where 36 units were permitted (all multi-family). This is a 51% increase over April 2014, when 92 housing units (60 single-family and 32 multi-family) were permitted.

Residential Certificates of Occupancy (new construction) in Huntsville city limits:

145 housing units were granted certificates of occupancy (CO’s), including 58 single- and 87 multi-family units. The top tract for CO’s in the month of April was 19.02 (Jones Valley) where 85 housing units were added; 1 single- and 84 multi-family. This is a 26.1% increase over April 2014, when 115 housing units (75 single-family and 40 multi-family) were granted CO’s.

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