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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A lack of retail in North Huntsville?

Major retail development along North Parkway since 2000. (Graphic created by James Vandiver for the City of Huntsville.)
The claimed "lack" of retail development in North Huntsville is back in the news this week. Here's the truth: 1,034,000 sq. ft. of new or renovated retail space has been developed on North Parkway alone since 2000 (see graphic above). Retailers such as Costco, Gander Mountain, Lowe's and Walmart have opened stores in the corridor during that time. While there is still work to be done, North Huntsville definitely hasn't been left out. 

And this week at the Economic Development Summit, the city will be announcing yet another North Huntsville project expected to begin construction soon, and it's coming without "free land" or sales tax rebates. 


Natalie said...

There's a lack of retail and restaurants once you go over Chapman Mountain.

Anonymous said...

The newer large stores up there are great, but it's all the small stores spaces that are filled with pawn shops, thrift stores, etc. that contribute to the overall blighted feel of the corridor. Plus, there's still a large number of empty stores up there, like the old Food World/Builders Square, Bruno's on Oakwood, etc.