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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May 2010 on Twitter and Facebook

Sorry for the tardiness (this should have been posted last week). Get these updates quicker by following my Twitter and/or Facebook feeds.

May 6: Parking Garage D mixed-use project (http://bit.ly/d2jU4Q) supposed to begin work this summer, on hold AGAIN.

May 10: Remember the Earth Fare that I told you about back in November? Its grand opening is Wednesday. http://bit.ly/aepk1v

May 12: Want to bring Dunkin' Donuts back to Huntsville? Franchise seminar at Embassy Suites on 26 May http://bit.ly/cC1NR9

May 13: Huntsville wants to hire a downtown "czar" http://bit.ly/amjacK

May 17: Virginia College moving to old Kroger on Drake: http://bit.ly/bVfnZu

May 21: Powerhouse Gym opening in old Old Navy, next to new Earth Fare: http://bit.ly/2L1Aq6

May 24: HSV proposing required bicycle parking for new lots w/ 20+ auto spaces http://bit.ly/brAQUv

May 26: Bridge Street wants city money to help pay for $50m expansion, including a department store http://bit.ly/ahVt1h

1 comment:

DC Dude said...

I live in DC and was in the flagship downtown Macy's store last night, and it's really not all that high end. Macy's here is mid-level, on the same level as Dillards or Belk, IMO.

The really high end stores here are Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdale's. Huntsville does not have the demographics to support those kinds of stores. The parts of DC that have them have entire zip codes where the median household income is greater than 200k. The most affluent HSV zip is 35803, which has a median income of 61k.

Having said all that, Macy's would be a good fit for Huntsville. But why should HSV taxpayers kick in money for Bridge St? That makes no sense.