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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jefferson Place: Office Redevelopment Downtown

The Hale Brothers Furniture building on Jefferson Street is finally being renovated. Sidewalk barriers are now up for "Jefferson Place," which will include mostly offices, but we can't rule out the possibility of ground-floor space for retail and restaurants (I've always thought this would be a great place for a bookstore and/or a coffee shop).

The Hale Brothers building has sat vacant for about a decade. Within that time, various ideas about reusing the building came and went, including renovating it into fifteen condos or apartments, a microbrewery, and a new downtown home for Sci-Quest.


Anonymous said...

Between Kaffeeklatch and Sam & Greg's, downtown doesn't need another coffee shop. A little healthy sandwich/salad shop, perhaps, although downtown is also swimming in restaurants.

Perhaps a small convenience store, with batteries, aspirin, basic groceries, etc. to service the few who live in the area and the office workers. Plus, of course, overpriced condoms for the late night crowd.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have a restuarant with outdoor seating and good priced food. Something for lunch for the business crowd, maybe with ice cream for those hot summer days and the park.

NickW said...

Even though I would rather see something local and independent, I can't understand why Huntsville doesn't have a Roly Poly franchise anymore. It's six dollars for a combo and that would fare very well with residents (people like me) and businesses (catering). Plus according to the website the franchise fee is only 25k. Dang I might do that

Thomas said...

What is the latest on this development? A major retailer or major chain restaurant that we don't already have would fit in there nicely. It could even be renovated into a 20-30 room luxury hotel. The possibilities are endless just something needs to happen.