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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Regions to donate historic bank

Big Spring Partners is doing something for a change. They will be the recipients of the historic Regions Bank branch on Courthouse Square overlooking Big Spring Park. The bank was built in 1835 and is Alabama's oldest continually-operating bank (see picture). Big Spring Partners will move their offices there from the Holiday Inn (another BSP acquisition), and the city plans to move the Community Development department from their current Holmes Avenue offices.

The bank branch will close on January 29th, and the building will be given to Big Spring Partners sometime in February.

1 comment:

David Nuttall said...

While the donation of the bank is certainly a nice gesture, the fact that "Alabama's oldest continuously operating bank" will no longer be able to claim that designation is a real shame.

This fact seems to have been overlooked in the plans and leasing a small space of the lobby to a bank or credit union would allow this the history to continue. Using historic buildings for new purposes, while preserving the fabric, is not always the best option for the complete history and feel of a place.

A differnt bank will become "Alabama's oldest continuously operating bank" in February.

I wonder if any smaller banks have even been approached. Would an ATM in the lobby count? Probably not.