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Monday, April 13, 2009

Height Limits re-revisited

Since the city and the Times have (yet again) failed to produce a map of the proposed downtown buffer zones, I thought I would spend a few minutes on Google Maps and make one myself, using the city's text descriptions of the zone boundaries (scroll down a couple of pages). Those who have read the blog for a while (or those who click here) will notice some changes between this map and the one I made in February. Sorry about the dots. So, what do all these colors mean?
Buffer Zone A- Building heights restricted to 2-3 floors (25-35 ft.). This will include any area that abuts a residential zone. Any C3 zone that is E of Madison (South) and Greene (North) Streets will be part of this zone, unless otherwise noted.
Buffer Zone B- Building heights restricted to 4 floors (60 ft.). This area includes South and East Side Squares and the EarlyWorks museum.
Buffer Zone C (yellow)- Building heights restricted to 5 floors (75 ft. ). This area includes 301 East, a proposed condo/apartment development and a proposed parking garage.
Buffer Zone D- Building heights restricted to 6 floors (90 ft.) This area includes North Side Square and the block that includes the First United Methodist Church.
Other- In most cases, this area will have an unlimited height limit. Some areas that abut residential zones, however, will be part of Buffer Zone A.

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