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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bridge Street plans another office tower

Now that the first 6-story office building is fully leased by defense contractor CSC (no telling what happened to the insurance and dentist offices that were originally planned to occupy space), the developers are now planning a second office tower similar to the first. There are a couple of possible locations for it, including next to the DSW and some vacant areas north of the lake.

The early Bridge Street plans called for at least 3 6-story office buildings.


Anonymous said...

At least the well paid defense contractors will keep the restaurants in Bridge Street open!

Anonymous said...

CSC wanted the entire building or none of it. So Bridge Street said take it. It made it easy for Bridge Street. CSC should move in with around 300 people in July, with plans to add up to 650 people within the next year.

Anonymous said...

The builder snailed along and broke promises on the business offices. Those businesses had already finalized leases on their old places and had to go comewhere - elsewhere - when the building wasn't done, and wasn't done, and still wasn't done.