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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Battle Discusses Vision for Downtown

This is exactly what Huntsville needed-- a mayor who supports real downtown growth. Mayor Battle told a group of young professionals yesterday about a plan by the Huntsville Housing Authority to build townhomes and lofts that go for $600-1000 a month. You're probably asking, "Does this mean more public housing?" Not exactly. These new homes will probably be built on HHA-owned land (like Councill Court) by a company that specializes in affordable housing developments, like Philadelphia-based Pennrose Properties.

He also expressed support in relaxing the height limits (possibly for his "signature tower" he keeps talking about) and placing buffer zones between residential areas and the CBD.

Huntsville Times article


Anonymous said...

"He also expressed support in relaxing the height limits (possibly for his "signature tower" he keeps talking about) and placing buffer zones between residential areas and the CBD."

I like the sound of that. A
"signature tower" will hopefully be modern, tall enough to be seen for miles when approaching the downtown area and have impressive lighting for the night owls =)

Anonymous said...

Downtown will never thrive unless more jobs are located there. The real center of this town is the Research Park area

Anonymous said...

I think the city leaders should focus on finding a large corporation that can be headquartered in Huntsville and that will build a nice high rise facility right downtown. I think it will take one good deal with to start the domino effect and then more will deals will follow. Also, our downtown is very walkable and would do well to have retail stores that usually go in outlet shopping centers or malls. For example, in the empty spaces near and around the courdhouse stores such as: OFF Broadway(its a nice shoe store, Ralph Lauren, J Crew, Polo, etc....will do well. It's time for Huntsville to go back to the center of the city and work outward. Instead of height restrictions across the board, I think each construction proposal should be evaluated individually.

Anonymous said...

Residential development downtown is what will really make downtown more interesting. Concentrating on sterile office towers that turn downtown into a suburban-style 8-5 office park will not accomplish much of anything. Mixed-use development with mandatory retail/commercial bays fronting sidewalks is the way to go. Surface parking lots need to be developed into something useful.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "Mixed-use development with mandatory retail/commercial bays fronting sidewalks", and that "surfaced parking be developed" , but I also think high rise office buildings serving as home to some major Huntsville employers ( defense ) WILL accomplish something. Workers need somewhere to eat lunch and dinner. And after work, they might remain downtown for drinks / dinner / shopping / whatever instead of spending money in Madison or at Bridge St. or in Jones Valley. And a portion of those workers will want to live close to their employment which will drive the mixed use residential/retail development.