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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Huntsville Hospital to build medical offices in Hampton Cove

This shouldn't be a big surprise to many people-- Huntsville Hospital (through a partnership with a private company) is planning to build at least one 30,000 sq. ft. medical office building in Hampton Cove. The building, which will be located on 5 acres at the intersection of Taylor and Sutton (near Wal-Mart), is scheduled to open in about a year. And if all goes well, another medical office building could be built, but that one is years away.

Huntsville Times article: Hospital eying Hampton Cove


Anonymous said...

Do we know what is being built immediately south of Lowes on Sutton west of 431? Construction has already started.

James said...

I'm pretty sure what you're talking about is going to be a CVS/Pharmacy.

Anonymous said...

It looks like there are two pads, one from CVS, the other for ???? Maybe not though....hard to tell.

mamackn said...

I heard that they were putting in a Wellness Center over there. That will certainly make a lot of people happy :)

James said...

In response to anonymous' second question, the other lot appears to be a Santa Fe Cattle Co. restaurant. And according to the restaurant's website, a Huntsville location will open in January.