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Thursday, May 22, 2008

On the agenda: height limits and park building restrictions

The city council tonight will look at changing the Planning Commission's staggered 10-story downtown height limit. They will look at three options: keep the 10-story height limit, have no height limits at all, or compromise at a 16-story height limit. The reason noted for putting the limit at 16 floors is so that the Constellation project can move forward with plans for a 15-story apartment building. The council will also look at a proposal to dedicate Big Spring Park to recreational use only, and a referendum would have to be approved to allow any development on the downtown park. This will not, however, stop the Huntsville Museum of Art's expansion plans, which have already been approved.

Huntsville Times article

My two cents:
The council, looking at past opinions on this issue, will probably increase/erase the height limit. But why stop at 16 floors? It will only restrict future developments (such as the proposed 24-story condo building at Holmes and Washington) from moving forward. Once again, any type of height limit will choke downtown of its full potential.


supergeek said...

I agree, the height limit should be erased.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see interest in building downtown, with all the apartments, hotels, etc. going up. Downtown development/gentrification has been happening all over the country since the 90's. Now Huntsville is getting in on it. Denser, walkable communities are in great demand in other cities, especially with gas prices being so high and rising.

Anonymous said...

What will the 15 story hotel look like? Will it be taller than the Amsouth building?