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Thursday, April 24, 2008

(Another) Billion-dollar development for the area

Madison mayor Sandy Kirkindall announced a $1 Billion, 450 acre development at the intersection of County Line Road and 565 during tonight's State of the City address. The project, which was designed by Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan (a nationwide company that is well-known for its work on the city of Celebration, FL) and is being developed by Wann Springs Development Group, could include up to 4 million square feet of retail, residential, and office space, along with a "four-star" hotel and convention center. Groundbreaking is set to begin this summer.

This announcement comes on top of Sweetwater, another billion-dollar development planned seven miles west of this one. The projects are strikingly similar in size and cost. It'll be interesting to see how two such large projects will work so close to each other in a metro area this small.

More info and renderings- Huntsville Times blog article

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Lew said...

I am sure the demographics for Madison would look better than Decatur. The Madison location would seem to be more of a Summit like development--the Decatur development seems to be more convention/hotel location, with a Bass Pro Shop. I love Bass Pro Shops but I liked them more when there were only a few in the Nation---the more locations--to me the less special any one location is.